I purchased the portrait “Thai Refugees”, approximately 15 years ago. The moment I saw the portrait at an art exhibit of Cynthia Llanes, I immediately fell in love with it. The colors are beautiful, a heartfelt picture of a Thai woman with her two young children strapped to her.

The portrait features the details of a hard-working woman.

But the portrait seems alive with her inner beauty.

Although I have never traveled to the far east, I have always been attracted to many aspects of the culture, and this painting brings the admirable values of hard work and love for family.

Today, as a mother of two girls, and no longer single, the painting still means a lot to me.  I have enjoyed this portrait in my home for its magnificent culture and beauty.

It is through this work of Cynthia Llanes that I am enriched by the “Thai Refugees”, without ever traveling abroad.


“My Llanes painting is a pastel of a female dancer in motion, now sited above the mantelpiece in the library, taking pride of place.

The skirt is a diaphanous riot of oranges, whites and pinks; the arms thin and muscled, face deep in concentration and troubled dark background which adds to the sense of movement. It is as if she wants to jump down into the room and keep dancing.

I love this piece for two reasons. One is, it has a great sense of invitation to celebrate. I want to dance when I look at the picture. There is a beckoning quality that alters my mood and shouts, “even though you may not feel like it, you must find something to dance about!”  So I invariably do. This dancer must have company.

The other reason is that the piece captures the challenging nature of great art. The dancer is caught up in ecstasy of the dance, yes, but there is also fear on her face, and the strain shows in her honed arms and posture. She has paid a great price to dance this well.

Gazing at the picture, it is as if I can feel the drops of her perspiration. Gifted she may be, but this beautiful dance is also the result of years of hard work, training and sacrifice. As a writer, this picture reminds me to put in the hard work, and not to be discouraged on those days when it is all perspiration, and no inspiration.

So thank you Cynthia. I bought the picture, but because it has the quality of great art, you also gave me a companion, a muse, a force field of action and comfort.”


” Cynthia Llanes’ art is a wonderful reflection of her soul — complex, warm, deep, whimsical, ethereal. yet earthy — full of delightful expression.

I find her art pleasantly awakens a part of my imaginative soul perhaps previously in light slumber. I own a piece from her mixed media selection entitled “Beyond My Dreams”, and every time I pass by it, it never fails to provide an enlightening encounter. Looking forward to decorating my office with her art.

Truly a priceless investment.”


“I was captivated by Cynthia’s work the minute I walked into the gallery she was exhibiting.  Among so many talented artists, Cynthia’s use of color and lines are beautiful, soothing yet bold and expressive at the same time.

I am happy to own two of her pieces and I look forward to seeing more of her works.”