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Restricted Lives Series

Veiled Refugee (32x30 in)

Veiled Refugee
(32x30 in)

Imprisoned Hearts (32x30 in)

Imprisoned Hearts
(32x30 in)


The Pain and Violence of Prejudice

What is freedom like to many who do not know what it is. Will they ever experience it ?  One can only hope and dream beyond their family's beliefs and culture. There is a bigger world to explore without fears of being persecuted and cast out by their own families. Some have yet to experience the gift of true freedom.

Many are still presently facing religious and social persecutions  around the world.  In these series of work that I have began I would like the viewer to sense the longing of someone imprisoned by its own tradition. Living in a world protected with walls, their hearts remain wondering what would it be like to live outside those walls.

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