Project Description

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,

and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Color and texture play a major part in my work. I will be quick to say that these are the main entry points of my design and composition. I like to play with colors, create palette knife effects, and bold brush strokes.

Acrylic Painting of a Sunrise

Early Morning meditation

Acrylic on Canvas, 22″ x 28″


Being in the presence of an early sunrise surrounded by nature leads me to quiet meditation.

Winds of change

Forest Frosting

Acrylic on Canvas, Size: 32 inches by 32 inches, framed


Autumn has just bade farewell but the evergreens have stayed. Some fall colors still adorned the forest as the first snow flurries fall along my hiking trail. The scent of the evergreen forest gives me a high! A wonderful feeling as the winds of change touch my face.


18″ x 24″

$1500 (Available at New Morning Gallery, Asheville)

Scientist will explain why leaves lose its green pigment in autumn. I just love to paint all the colors of fall.

Warm tones of oranges, yellows and gold. Rust and even delicious splashes of pinks. Oh what a glorious transformation happens in the landscape when the leaves start changing!

First Snowfall

Journey into Winter

Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 12″

$600 (Available at New Morning Gallery, Asheville)

The beauty of wintertime heralds good cheers. Holiday season, gift giving and remembering those who are not too fortunate – that we may share our bounty.

Forest in Gold

Acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 10″

$425 (Available at the Artist’s Studio)

I gazed at all the colors of the trees in my backyard. What a wonderful tapestry, patterns blending in harmony!

Nightfall Snowstorm

Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 15″ (Framed)

$425 (Available at the Artist’s Studio)

river and water reflections

Summer Breeze

Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ x 30″

The water reflecting back what it ‘sees’ while the sun rays dance along with it. The ripples of water move the falling leaves all the way down the river. The summer breeze on my face and the swaying meadow grass bring back beautiful memories. I was happy to paint the moment.


the early sunrise peeking through the sky blue clouds

New Morning

Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 12″

$600 (Available at New Morning Gallery, Asheville)

The early sunrise peeking through the light blue sky was mesmerizing!  An  early morning walk

by the French Broad River was fun! What a beautiful sight as I watched the sun rise above the horizon.

acrylic painting sun kissed embrace

Sun Kissed Embrace

Acrylic on board, 24″ x 48″

The moment the sun’s rays touch the horizon, magic happens.  I love the sun kissed embrace of earth and sky.