Project Description


It is in those moments of unconscious awareness and daydreaming  that many of my ideas evolve. These are sacred times for me, as I pause and respond to this state of mind. I start experimenting, discovering new textures, and even play with a new medium or technique… that often lead to surprising and pleasant discoveries.

New mixed media paintings

“Rainbow’s Falls”

Mixed Media on Board with Black Lacquered Frame, Matting and Glass | 30″ x 36″

I gasped at the first sight of Rainbow Falls’ grandeur.  Painting with mixed media again is exciting. I love to express the different textures, the sounds and the sweet smell of the forest.

Mixed Media Painting

“Eve’s Garden”

Mixed Media on Board with Black Lacquered Frame, Matting and Glass | 30″ x 36″

I love how Nature transforms itself into a beautiful blanket of colors during early fall.   It is magical!

Painting Just Passing Through

“A Passing Season”

Mixed Media on Board with Frame | 30.5″ x 54.5″

$3500 (Available at New Morning Gallery, Asheville)

This mixed media painting is a collage of organic and inorganic elements with impasto acrylic gesso.  I wanted to capture the fleeting nature of life, as in a myriad of leaves on still waters.  In one moment floating, in the next drifting.

Painting Leaves Fascinate Me

“Leaves Fascinate Me”

Mixed Media on Canvas | 24″ x 36″

The infinitely variable designs that nature presents led me to create this leaf-layered compostition of colors, texture and form.


The painting A Drop of Winter

“A Drop of Winter”

Mixed Media on Canvas | 24″ x 36″

On a rainy, autumn day while passing through the backwoods of rural Michigan, I was struck with a beautiful scene of falling leaves and flurries of snow dancing in the air.


Alcohol Ink Painting

"Sun Dance"

Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper| 15" x 15"

Autumn brings so much color in the landscape. It just takes my breath away!

Created as part of the Four Seasons series for one of my art collectors.