Project Description

Nature has become my muse where colors and texture play a major part in my new works.

Everyday, nature’s phenomena reflects back to us its beauty in magical and intense images.

This new body of work is a celebration and an expression of my wonder of this precious gift.

I love what Rembrandt said, “Choose only one master – Nature.”

Hidden Warefall Oil painting

“Hidden Waterfall”

Oil on Canvas |48″ x 24″

Hiking to see the magnificent Rainbow Falls led me to discover new trails

and discover this magical waterfall adorned with wild flowers and lush foliage. What a refreshing sight!

Land of the Sky oil painting

“Land of the Sky”

Oil on Canvas | 40″ x 30″

Asheville, NC is called “Land of the Sky”. At anytime of the day its skies speaks of

many emotions — somber, moody gray clouds, pastel colors on daybreak or sometimes intense

 vermillion sunsets.

Autumn Colors of Fancy Gap

“The Autumn Colors of Fancy Gap”

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 24″ Framed


We enjoyed the intense, peak fall colors during our anniversary getaway in Fancy Gap, VA

Summers First Light painting

“Summers First Light”

Oil on Canvas | 24″ x 30″

Sometimes, I like to wake up early and watch the sunrise. From a cabin on one of our

getaways at Percy Priest Lake, I witnessed this magical light

peeking over the Tennessee hills and across the lake. Daybreak can pull me into another world.

Fire Tree oil paining

“The Fire Tree”

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 40″

Remembering my childhood adventures during summer breaks in the Philippines.

The Fire Tree across from my aunt’s farm had amazing bright orange blossoms and bloomed

all summer long, honoring it’s name sake! I loved to climb this tree with my friends and enjoy

the tropical summer breezes.

Butterfly Song oil painting

“A Butterfly Song”

Oil on Canvas | 10″ x 10″

If I was a butterfly, I would love to visit sunflowers everyday!

Sunflower Blooms in oil

“Butterfly Blooms”

Oil on Canvas | 10″ x 10″

The Sun's Flowers oil painting

“The Sun’s Flowers”

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 24″

Sunflowers bring me cheer and sunshine. It is also a symbol of freedom and peace.

The Sky... oil Paining

“The Sky Is Not The Limit”

Oil on Canvas | 40″ x 30″

If only I could paint all the wondrous colors of clouds as they form and travel from sunrise to sunset!

Water's Edge oil painting

“Water’s Edge”

Oil on Canvas | 36″ x 24″

My hikes along our Blue Ridge terrain and the French Broad River usually lead me

to surprising and delightful inspirations, and here, the water’s reflection captivated me.

 I sat by the edge of the river for a couple of hours, enjoyed my presence, and sketched the scene before me.

Woodfin Riverside oil paining

“Woodfin Riverside Park”

Oil on Canvas | 10″ x 10″


I paint with the Asheville Plein air group whenever I can, and on one fine day at the Woodfin Riverside Park I found this charming scene. I had fun painting it, especially the water reflections

using an impasto technique.

Along The French Broad oil paining

“Along The French Broad”

Oil on Canvas | 10″ x 10″

Daybreak oil paining


Oil on Canvas | 11″ x 11″

Nature Is Music oil paining

“Nature Is Music”

Oil on Canvas | 12″ x 15″


Monet's Garden oil painting

“Monet’s Garden”

Oil on Canvas | 26″ x 20″

Visiting Paris and Monet’s garden in Giverny, France is a beautiful memory for me in my travels.

Lakeside View oil painting

“Lakeside View”

Oil on Canvas | 14″ x 14″


Misty Sunrise oil painting

“Misty Sunrise”

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 24″

Me and the Fire Tree!

Cynthia on porch with Fire Tree