Choose A Sunshine State of Mind

A  New Paradigm Shift: Choose A Sunshine State of Mind

When I was a little girl, playing house was one of my favorite games. All I needed were my teapot set and Gina, my doll. Isn’t it so amazing to see children entertain themselves when they are alone?!  As a result, their minds take them to a whole new world. Therefore they easily adapt and make a paradigm shift  to create, build, and  imagine. Why can’t we do the same? What is your “sunshine state of mind?”

So Let’s Go to Paris, the City of Lights

Arc De' Triomphe, City of Lights

Posing by the historic Arc De Triomphe            

During this uncertain time of a sudden pandemic crisis, we are forced to be alone staying home. And unable to socialize in person, unable to do our long list of many things we have routinely done. This 360 degree paradigm change shocks many people’s lives. As a result, a feeling of panic can set in. Alas we are alone with ourselves! But amidst this seemingly fearful state,  let’s choose a new normal. In other words choose a new paradigm shift. A sunshine, state of mind with comforting and sweet memories.

 I am frustrated I can’t travel now but I can change the paradigm and recollect those times I have been blessed to travel. For instance, I reminisce of my past travel to Paris and recall the delicious aroma of baked goods from a patisserie below my apartment. I smell the freshly baked baguette in the morning and it’s wonderful. I recall catching the Metro (Paris subway train) to visit the museums. And discover the grandeur of Parisienne architecture feeling like a treat. An evening cruise along Seine River is romantic again. This was my first time to visit France and I remember greeting everyone with my rehearsed French phrases  like Bonjour, Merci, Au Revoir. Oui!  It still feels very good 🙂

Versailles Palace gardens, Paris

Overlooking the magnificent view of the palace gardens              

2020 Paradigm Shift — The year 2009 in October

My girlfriend and I were set for an adventure. We visited the magnificent Versailles Palace and its gardens. The opulence is unbelievable. After that, I went to the Louvre museum that houses thousands of paintings and sculptures of past centuries. Another favorite museum is Musee d’Orsay at the centre of Paris on the banks of the Seine, opposite the Tuileries Gardens.  It was installed in the former Orsay railway station, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. So the building itself could be seen as the first “work of art” in the Musee d’Orsay. It displays collections of art from the period 1848 to 1914.

Standing at The Louvre and Versailles Palace grounds  


Monet’s Gardens in Giverny: The Heart of Impressionism

Artists and botanists alike love Monet's gardens in Giverny

Monet planted bamboos, wisterias, and colorful array of flowers. Floating lilies adorn the ponds.

Alone, I took a train to visit Giverny, 50 miles west of Paris. It’s a very  charming village  where Monet lived and painted most of his life.  Remember those paintings of waterlilies and ponds? He built a pastoral paradise complete with a Japanese garden and a pond full of floating lilies. Claude Monet was the leading light of the Impressionist movement and revolutionized painting in the 1870s.  Monet gave courage to fellow artists by enduring harsh criticism of impressionism. He hosted open air painting safaris painting landscapes, seascapes and ladies with parasols. Read:

Reminiscing Paris is one of my most unforgettable adventure. And so maybe tomorrow I will browse again through photos. Another paradigm change! And this time my recent trip to the Philippine  Islands. Au Revoir!


Monet's garden was his inspiration for his painting series of ponds and waterlilies

Monet diverted a river to form a pond, planted willows and bamboo on the shores.

Monet's painting of his Japanese garden

Monet’s oil painting of his Japanese Garden at Giverny — located 50 miles outside the hustle and bustle of Paris, would become a colorful, flowering monument to Monet.


Monet's Japanese Garden, Giverny

Monet hosted plein aire painting in his gardens




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